What Makes a Casino Unique?


There’s nothing quite like the haze of smoke and flashing lights on a casino floor. The suspense of waiting for the next card or spin keeps players on the edge of their seats and brings a rush like no other.

With the exception of video poker (which requires a certain amount of skill), slot machines are pure games of chance. Players insert currency, decide on their bet amount and press a button. There are different varieties of slot machine graphics, but they all play the same way. The only difference is the color of the machine’s reels, which is usually red or blue to encourage players.

The glitz and glamour of casino games attract many types of people. Whether it’s the thrill of winning, the social aspect of gaming with friends or just the adrenaline rush, these games are fun and exciting for all. But what really makes casinos stand out from the rest is their uniqueness.

Uniqueness is becoming a difficult task as casino saturation grows in the United States. Inundation with daily marketing messaging across all channels (including TV, the Internet and smartphones) has made it harder than ever for a casino to differentiate itself. Casinos need to offer players a truly unique experience to keep them engaged and loyal. This can be done by focusing on a few key differentiators that drive player loyalty and profitability. These include promoting gaming advantages like 100X odds on Craps, early surrender on Blackjack and 3 for 2 – 21 payoffs.