What is Slot?

The term slot describes a device for placing an object into a narrow opening. It is used with both nouns and pronouns. The talented winger slotted a pass between two defenders and into position for his teammate to score. The new project manager has merged well with the team’s previous manager. The new goaltender has slotted in brilliantly. The words slots and slotster are two related, but separate terms.


Despite being a verb, Slot is an intransitive noun. Its meaning is to put something in a lock or slot. Its definition is “putting something in a lock or slot”. The word is also used informally. A person can be a SLOT if they love to play slot machines. It is also a noun. It is not uncommon to hear this word used in a conversation. Nevertheless, the word has a wider meaning.

The term slot has a grammatical function. In the English language, it is a noun that can be used to designate an interior opening in a copy desk. It is occupied by the chief copy editor of a newspaper. In the aviation industry, a slot is the authorization for an airplane to land at an airport. In the UK, slots are used to denote the authorization of a pilot and an airport’s runway.