How to Be a Slot Receiver


Slots are an important part of many offenses. They can be used as decoys to help with running plays. In addition, they can be a quarterback’s pitch target. As a slot receiver, you’ll need to have good speed, great hands, and advanced blocking skills. You’ll also need to know the field well.

Slot receivers are usually smaller than outside receivers. However, they are more agile. This means that they have more options to move on and off the field. And they will be able to line up in the backfield and on either side of the offense.

They also are a great decoy for future plays. For example, a quarterback will often try to snap the ball as a Slot receiver is making his way into the backfield. If the Slot receiver has a full head of steam before receiving the football, he will be extra fast.

The slot receiver will be lining up in the backfield, just a few steps off the line of scrimmage. He’ll be in good position to run routes and to avoid the best tacklers.

If the Slot receiver is positioned in the right place, he’ll have a clear view of the net. This will allow him to shoot the ball with more accuracy.

When the Slot receiver is ready to receive the football, the quarterback will call the Slot into a pre-snap motion. This will give the receiver an opportunity to get on the same page with the quarterback, and to practice getting into a good spot for the football.